Loyalty program!

We give away a gift for certified guides - a loyalty card that allows you to use the benefits offered by the gallery.

Loyalty cards are available at the Art Platz gallery.

We invite you to cooperate! 

The Art Platz gallery has a forum where its members have an opportunity to share their poems on the topics suggested by Art Platz. Taking into account your invaluable knowledge and experience, Art Platz invites you to cooperate in the preparation of new themes on the topic of diverse architecture of Riga in its historical and modern context. 

We want to highlight the beauty of the Alberta Street, which is home to the most remarkable houses, that we can boast of all over the world, and which brightly illustrates the talent of the architect Mikhail Eisenstein without leaving anyone indifferent. The topics you suggest will complement our forum. Its participants will be able to use them in their creative work.

Please send your themes and suggestions by e-mail to Art Platz:, or come to the gallery on Alberta Street 4, Riga. To enter the building, you must press the call button "Art Platz" at the door of the building. 

For further information: +371 20025002

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